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Getting Started - New to Showreelfinder?

"Hi There,
Looking to upload my work on to Showreel Finder.
Can you please tell me the process? "


Visit the Sign Up page at http://beta.showreelfinder.com/signup

Fill in the short form and press Send.

We will send you a password by email.


Then you can log in with the attached link.

And set up your profile with your CV, and web details.


Next up, follow the simple instructions in the Tips and Tricks column

to begin uploading videos.

Afterward you can tag, categorise, show and hide your videos and more.


Be sure to press save after each activity.


If you'd like to create a company listing, you can forward us your logo (.jpg or .png format)

and contact details, by attachment to a support ticket here.


Create a Support Ticket should you need any further assistance.



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